I Know Me So Well

In which I remember that failing is part of winning, if not a prerequisite.

See, I knew I would fail. But failing is part of winning, it’s the early part, it’s the part where you’re getting your legs under you.

It’s the part
at the start
and not for the feint of heart.

And I went days without writing. I thought about my story (this is part of writing) and had a few idea dumps in varied text files (this is part of writing), but actual word-after-another writing, I hadn’t done. Until today.

But I KNEW I would do that. That’s why I set my expectations lower than 3,000 words a day, or even 1,000. I had to give myself chunks that I thought I could accomplish. I needed easier goals to make sure I could make them.

All climbs start on the lower rungs.

But that guilt, that pull, that twinge was there. And no amount of excuses about other things and other people and other distractions would wipe away the face that I didn’t make writing a priority for a couple of days. Until today.

And I feel so much better. And I will eat some ice cream. And I will, hopefully, be back tomorrow.

Untitled Novel as of 6/11/17: 1370 words


Author: Betty R. Black

Supernatural thriller and mystery writer learning the ropes of publishing and getting over the hurdles of procrastination and self-doubt - the most fearsome monsters.

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