New Serial…HERE!

I admit that some of my ideas about self-publishing are dated, like 2009 dated and my hesitation of putting my writing out for people to see is the reason I don’t know where to place something like The Shape of Us.

I had the idea for a slice-of-life flash serial about a couple of shape-shifters just interacting with normal life. You know, all the non-dramatic stuff that doesn’t happen in your typical paranormal romance. That’s the stuff I was interested in.

And I was interested in it from the viewpoint of regular humans doing regular things. What would they make of these guys? How would their suspicions about them affect their own world? When I’d written the first “episode” I’d taken a like to Sykes and Baron and really wanted to bump them up against all of the modern-day mundane. This is that story.

And I’ll be publishing it here. I’ll have new episodes twice a week and I’ll be looking forward to your feedback and comments. And, if you have a normal situation you’d like me to throw the boys into, just leave a comment and I’ll try to make it work.


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