Future Projects, The Shape of Us, and Thanks

I took a few days off from posting, wanting to see what it was like to finally achieve a goal and “finish” a project. I put finish in quotes because halfway through writing this season of The Shape of Us I decided to create seasons, or volumes of 14 chapters. It was a way to have a natural break, let my characters stew a bit and come back with something (hopefully) fresh. This exercise has been a blast and challenging. Near the middle, I strayed a bit from the original concept – telling a story through the people the main characters interact with. At some point I felt I needed a background plot, the thing that everyday people were getting glances of. I wanted Baron and Sykes to have a trajectory, even if it wasn’t central to the concept of The Shape of Us. I believe I brought it back around at the end of this season and, as much as a bookmark for myself, left it on a cliffhanger. The Shape of Us will return after the new year.

If there are any characters you really liked from Season 1 that you’d want to see again. Let me know!

Moving forward, I’m finishing up a contemporary romance (non-paranormal) before November. Set on a college campus, the story follows Sebastian, a moody art professor, who learns his department may be on the chopping block. Not only is his job and his life’s work being threatened, the source of the threat is the new college president, Derek, who seems to be more familiar with the professor than would seem possible. Add a touch of family drama, hints at the supernatural, and a plucky lacrosse team captain and this unfinished book will hopefully be out near the end of the year. Originally I had the sequel in mind (staring the plucky captain) years ago, and somehow, while doing some writing exercises, I discovered Sebastian. I’ll share more when I finally figure out a title. Title’s are tough.

For National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) I’ll be working on a supernatural thriller. I’m currently working on the scene-by-scene outline and getting as many details down as I can. Anything that I can do now to make Nanowrimo successful, I’ll do it. This is another set of characters that have rented out spaces in my head for a while. I’m hoping to turn this one into a series, centered on the main character. I already have the premise for the sequel and, as easy as it is to come up with ideas, getting manuscripts done is the most important. You need to read something, right?

In the mix I’ll be adding some flash fiction here and there to this site and maybe even sending out a story or two to see if someone would like to pay me for my writing. While that’s a distant and near dream (near as in when I get my books self-published is entirely up to me and I’m on it!), I’ll still be writing, writing, writing, putting in the time and the words to keep things going. 

Thanks for reading this far, and I appreciate your support. Boo!

If you like and you can, I’d love it if you bought me a coffee. It will fuel more writing.

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