Beverly Avery: Manager

Bev Avery

WOUND: The Characters

When we first meet Bev she’s decided how to deal with the fact that her husband is slowly turning into a vampire, or a zombie, they’re not clear on what’s following them yet. The first vamps are ragged, rotting things, but Paul is clearly not decaying in the back of Bev’s Jeep. Quite the opposite.

She’s the manager of the group, if not the leader. A good manager shifts the power and responsibility around to allow people’s talent to shine. When medical attention is needed, Bev defers to Armond and Darlene, the two nurturers of the group. Scouting belongs to Marla. Philosophizing about their situation, when appropriate, fell into Paul’s qualified lap. And Bev leaves most of the killing to Carol and her boys.

Bev Avery, former accountant, horse-back riding enthusiast, crossword puzzler, and one-time state champion swimmer, facilitates. She makes the decisions when no one else wants to. She decides what comes next and then lets people act. She’s slight, only about five foot three, but strong, with wide swimmer shoulders and, what her brother used to call, “good wheels.” She could have been a champion sprinter, if she’d ever get out of the pool.

Now, fuck-hundred miles into the ass of Wyoming and Bev has left the water behind.

You can read more about Bev in Wound exclusively in Kindle Vella.

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