Writing into an uncertain future

There are a lot of posts I’ve written, for this blog and for others, that are versions of the “starting again, sorry I’ve been away.” This is not one of those posts.

Yet I feel like we’ve all had moments in the last couple of years (wonder why) where we have to pop out for a bit and refill the creative well, take care of our mental health, and reset. I hope like hell that you have the ability to do one if not all of those things. I see you if you don’t, that’s the path I’m walking down right now.

Lack of motivation and just all over malaise doesn’t just affect the writing, but the “adulting” we have to do on a daily basis, especially when Big Serious Problems come to the door. BSPs are relative and what’s big for me may be small for you, but they exist and one of their most destructive acts it to blow up your bullet journal.

So, I think instead of trying to add to the din of “Rules to be a writer” that get regurgitated over and over again, I’ll use this space for personal case scenarios. For example, right now I have to be in this room, but the other person is watching television loudly, and even with noise-cancelling headphones, I have to think about every word twice to make sure I’m not just transcribing cable news. Sometimes circumstances make it impossible to “defend your writing time.”

Today, I’ll be super busy and all over the place, but I want to finish a short story I’m working on, so will have to do it in drips over the day, sneaking in a few words here and there. I’ve done this before, but it’s hard for me to maintain a voice/flow/tone, whatever, when I work on something in pieces.

This, of course, is just an excuse. Today is the day to start developing this skill.

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