Quick Update Post (Tech Edition)

One of the ways I procrastinate is to mess around with my technology. Whether it’s the apps I’m using or the way I organize my writing files, when I need to delay the writing, I decide what’s failing me is my “system.”

Yeah, it’s not the system.

In the hope of preventing this from happening again and again in the future, I switched web site hosting. It’s not terribly disruptive since I don’t have many readers for now.

But I’ve borked it all up now.

If you’re seeing this you either didn’t get a security warning or were able to bypass it. Support tells me that it’s mostly on my end and when I connect to a new network it will be fine. I’m hoping that’s true.

In the meantime, I’m going to take fiddling with the website off the table for now. For a long while, I think. I’m hoping to wrap up the writing on Season 2 of Wound this coming week. And I’m excited.

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