About Betty R. Black

Obviously, it’s a pen name…

Betty via Picrew
No, this is not available
as an NFT. Weirdo.

Betty R. Black has been writing for years, but only recently started finishing things. She’s also pretty sure that “started finishing” is damn funny and an accurate description of her life until now.

She enjoys horror and fantasy, mostly those full of dread, and hopes that she conveys that in her own work. She tends to focus on character-heavy stories, letting them dictate the pace of the plot. Sometimes she has to prod them along, other times she’s holding on for dear life.

She writes paranormal mystery and horror and some sweet romance in the swamps surrounding Philadelphia. Her first novel, Pedigree, will kick off her “The Shape of Us” series of mysteries, with shapeshifters Baron and Sykes solving one problem after another. Her Kindle Vella series, Wound, is slated to run for five seasons (we’re already in Season 2).

She lives with two maladjusted cats and her ever-suffering partner. None of this could be done without them.

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