Just a Blue Moon Phase

Amanda Clawson knows her privilege: she’s got a loving family with her father, Harold and her mother, Lily, and they live in a quiet part of Hyle Creek, a sleepy bedroom town in Pennsylvania. It’s her senior year of high school and, with the encouragement of her best friend Maddie, Amanda decides to confess to her childhood friend, Jarrod Burch, her best friend and prom date.

However, everything is about to go incredibly wrong. Jarrod rejects her, she’s attacked during her heart-broken walk home, and her strange cousin, Kevin, is the only one there to save her. Her once predictable life is about to be upended by distant relations, a mysterious inheritance, and a family secret buried so deep, it’s imprinted in Amanda’s DNA.

What ever lurks within the Clawson family is about to be released.