Short, Sweet, Word Count Meet

Completely sidetracked this morning because of breaking news. Understandable.

Yet I was determined to get something in, something down. I knew I had a dream-sequence next and wanted to get the “smell” of the place right. I will probably expand it during revision. I tend to write short, then expand.

No Pomodoro today, as my writing stint was less than the 25-minute focus period, but I still hit my goal, clocking in 532 words. Meeting the goal is the most important part for me these last few days, though, frankly, I am worried that it will start to feel like an obligation.

Perhaps I have to work on how I view that obligation. Not everything I need to do has to be fun. Though, writing is fun, it can also be a struggle. Maybe, instead of obligation I should think of  it as a duty.

In my quest to try new tricks, today, knowing I was just doing a short stint, I used Scrivener’s full screen mode. It is supposed to eliminate the other visual distractions on your screen while you’re writing. Google Docs has the same, as do pretty much all other writing applications. The problem was today that wasn’t necessary.

Since I was describing a dream, I wanted to be as clear about the sensation as possible. So I wrote with my eyes closed. The distraction-free screen was moot.

I may get a chance to add more words later, but since I’ve met my goal, I know I’m still moving forward.

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