Series updates and another thing

Good morning Thursday. Due to my inability to plan correctly, both of my series– The Shape of Us and WOUND: Thirst –are updating today. Chapter 11 of The Shape of Us is one of my quiet favorites and has a lovely bit about ice cream. On the other side, WOUND: Thirst updates with episode 9 and has one of the best sentences I’ve ever written. I wonder if you can tell which one it is.

Also, in the coming days I’ll be finishing up my outline so I can start writing my novel-length thriller, Sanatoria. I want to chart the process of writing in this blog. It’s had stops and starts before, but I’m giving the outline an overhaul so it feels fresh though familiar.

I also think that working on these series has really helped me define the kind of writer I am and want to continue to be. The kind that just keeps on writing, day after day. I hope you like my stories.

Currently running series:
The Shape of Us at Tapas | Wattpad
WOUND: Thirst at Tapas | Webnovel

New Cover for The Shape of Us

There were two moments when I couldn’t contain my emotions while commissioning the cover art for The Shape of Us. The second was the delight I felt when I saw the image. I don’t have a lot of experience working with artists and my fiction, so I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to describe my boys right. Thankfully Andrea (Kumiho_5), my artist, was able to get my meaning. I love, love the result.

The first was the laugh-out-loud sketch I provided for the premise. I’m still laughing at it. Do you want to see it? Perhaps I’ll save that as a bonus at some point. Maybe when the ebook of Season 1 comes out this summer (with two bonus stories from Baron and Sykes’ point of view.) Anyway, head over to Tapas to see the new cover (a new episode launches today as well).

I’ll leave a peek here…

I love them!

New episode of WOUND: Thirst live

Hi there. I just wanted to post that the new episode for my post-apocalyptic, vampire, horror series, WOUND: Thirst, is available on Tapas and Webnovel today! This is the first time we’re getting Paul’s point of view and, well, he’s seems to have gone through some changes.

WOUND: Thirst is the first series in my WOUND story. It follows a group of people thrown together after the “bomb drop” as they try to survive. Many people close to the drop zone were transformed into vampire-like zombies who hunt down humans for food or to transform them. Much about why they came to be and why the “bomb” dropped in the first place is still unknown.

Start reading WOUND: Thirst on Tapas

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