The great Meta reset

I just spent the last twenty minutes thinking my Facebook account had been hacked.

For all any of us know, the whole shebang has been hacked.

In the time I was trying to reset passwords, read through instructions on how to retake my account, and desperately try to find a “Contact Us” somewhere, I imagined my world without Facebook. It was both good and bad.

Since removing myself from actively being on Twitter, I found myself using Facebook and Instagram more, mostly as a way to talk to friends and a few (very few) family members. I’m less of a consumer of social media recently and I think that, overall, is a good thing.

But the Meta Lockout today got me thinking about what I have online and what I need online. Do I need a Facebook page that I’m rarely posting to? Do I need to keep Instagram when I’m just passively consuming content?

I’m not really sure.

I think, if/when Meta comes back online, I will download as much of my data as possible and then scale back my consumption. I’ll reset my passwords, disconnect any access that FB and IG have to other accounts or apps, and just occasionally post a link to the content I’ll be posting here.

I think the Internet has expanded as far as it will go. Perhaps now we’re starting to see the eventual collapse.

Oh! I still have a Tumblr!