Wound – Season 2: Slake

WOUND is a Kindle Vella series following a group of survivors as they cross into the western United States. After the areas around Chicago are devastated by a nuclear blast, the after effects have turned those exposed into a combination of zombie and vampire. Called the “Wound” by some of the survivors, they lack most of the romantic aspects of their literary ancestors and move at night to destroy and feed on anything in their path. Those few who survive an attack will turn into another mindless killer, promising that it’s only a matter of time before the entire population are “Wound.”

But, some of the new monsters are different. Mindful. Evolved.

SEASON 1 – Thirst: With one of its members in the middle of a vampiric turn, a small group of survivors makes camp along a lonely Wyoming highway only to discover the pack of monsters on their heels.
SEASON 2 – Slake: The group, fewer and deadlier, make camp outside a small town. Wanting to connect with the few humans inside, they need to bypass a maze of vamps and something else.